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Ringley Legal is part of the Ringley Group. As a small specialist firm we only do property.

But much more than conveyancing so read on......

We know how to make bad leases good, short leases long, and create new leases for new flats.

We can collect service charges, attend Tribunal or County Court should someone say the service charge is unreasonable.

We help leaseholders and freeholders when it comes to enfranchisement; that means serving notices, negotiating premiums and completing the conveyance, company set up share structures, debentures and loan structures.

When the property management is not going so well and money is tight then Right to Manage or Court Appointed Manager are alternative routes.
Freehold Management and Right to Manage Companies need to meet ongoing filing and accounting responsibilities so that's where our role as Company Secretary comes in.

If you self manage then sign up for leaseholdersupport.co.uk and we will support you with No Win No Fee litigation on service charge arrears.

Do you sublet? Tenant not paying? You can talk to us about rent arrears on possession.
Need more then we'll introduce you to Ringley Chartered Surveyors for your lease extension or freehold purchase valuation. Ringley Property Management - for 24/7 property management of small and large blocks.

Ringley Lettings - to rent or sell your property.
Ringley Building Engineering - for specifications, works and repairs.72

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